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Zante has a mild, warm, and humid weather throughout the year.

... And very hot and dry summers.
Island is on the Ionian sea climate area, which means geographical location puts it in a temperate zone, with low pressure with fair wind, so you can assume you will have lovely weather in Zante without any extreme conditions to handle. With the wind blowing from the 0,5 m/s to 4 m/s at its peak, you feel like it's not that warm, especially having a nice swim (sea temperature averages 18°C / 64.4°F) or fun at the shallow water on the beaches with your friends.

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The season starts in May, and during this month average temperature is 20°C/68°F and in constant rising. Zante weather in May is relaxing, and getting warmer and warmer, but colder days with clouds are not rare. Many of seasonal workers come to the island during this month, to chill out a bit, and reserve their spots, and evade full months of the season when tourists come. This time is great if you want to avoid crowds. Rain periods are rare during the summer season, but they may sometimes occur.

Which months are the hottest?

June, July and August are top months of the season. During this period, you have the most sunshine hours, biggest temperatures, and best overall summer vacation time. Sun comes up around 05:40, and sets around 21:40. Overall temperature for the season is 30°C/86°F Advice that you can put to use is to get the weather forecast for ten days, when you'll arrive and will be staying. Especially in May.

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Need data on Zante weather?

Here are some official data about temperature, sunshine hours, precipitation, sea temperature, and all data about Zante weather throughout the year. Check them out and know what you can expect during the whole year, so you can use that to your advantage no matter in which period of the year you plan to come to Zakynthos. Zante weather year Mid September in Zante is when the weather starts to cool down. With holiday season ending,  you can still enjoy the island but with no more crowds, and you can find a table at every bar, restaurant or club easily. But, now is the time where longer sleeves come in, and comfy pants. If you are enjoying a dinner in the evening outside, the atmosphere gets a bit colder so be ready.

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  You will enjoy the weather in Zante. There is some small stuff to be taken care of, and your dream holiday can begin!
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