What To See In Zante

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Zante looks minuscule on the map, but there are so many things to see and visit.

You can spend days exploring it without covering a third of the territory! You will need a bike, quad, or a car rented for this adventure. There are so many things to be observed and appreciated. What to see in Zante is question that cannot be answered in a single sentence.

The island is the third in size in the Ionian Sea, behind Corfu and Cephalonia, and it is 20 km wide and 40 km long. That’s a lot of space (around 410 km2) to cover, wouldn’t you agree?

Zante looks like an arrowhead in perspective, with the mountains dominating most of the landscape. Plains can be found in the middle-southeast region, where you can see the airport, and the big Laganas bay. Cape Skinari is the tip of the arrowhead. The main town is on the eastern side of the island, and it’s the most populated area called Zakynthos town or Zante town.

Inside info

What to see in Zante - Zante Town

Zakynthos/Zante by night

Besides Zante town, there are other resorts/towns you may visit, and each one of them will be covered (With Inside info) on the blog.

Resorts that you may visit are:

Every resort and town on the island have interesting places to visit and beautiful sights to see. You can see a lot of palms, pine trees, endless fields of beautiful green grass, olive trees, and meadows filled with flowers. The abundant vegetation on Zante is here due to the mild Mediterranean climate, characterized by lots of rain falls in winter and lot of sunshine in the summer.  More info on weather.

Main products that represent Zante are olives, vineyards, and citrus. The unspoiled nature is breathtaking, and it gives that feeling of calmness when you look at it. Zante is also the home to the endangered species of sea turtle called Caretta-Caretta which comes here during the mating season. The sea turtle is protected by the international agreements and the Greek legislation.

There are so many places to see in Zante. Besides the resorts/towns in Zante, you can spend weeks exploring and enjoying many beaches, historical sites, monasteries, and museums. Enjoy fine objects of culture, amusement, and simply have fun. Also, the Greece travel guide shared a great article about Zante, check it out. Many places will get covered and featured here, but for now, we will give you a brief info on what to see.

What to see in Zante – 13 Must-see places on Zante:

1. Blue Caves

West coast of the island, with crystal clear blue water and surreal cave formation, accessible only via boat.

What To See In Zante - Blue Caves

2. Marathonisi island

Located in Laganas bay, across the Keri beach (again, you are going to need a boat). This is a gorgeous place, where Caretta – Caretta turtles come to breed.

What to see in Zante - Marathonisi Island

3. Shipwreck

The most popular beach on Zante, maybe even in the whole of Greece. Shipwreck beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world.


4. Argassi Bridge

On the beach of Argassi, you can see a small Roman bridge dating from 1885.

What to see in Zante - Argassi bridge

5. Kambi Cross

A cement cross in Kambì of such dimensions that it can be spotted even from kilometers away.

what to see in Zante - Cambi Cross

6. Keri’s Lighthouse

Located at the southeast end of the island, with the amazing view from the top of the cliff and with the Mizitres rocks beneath. The Mizitres are two huge rock cones flanked by a deserted island rising from the blue sea and signing the beginning of the Kerì’s caves.

what to see in Zante - lighthouse

7. Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos

Solomou Square in Zante town is the location of the biggest museum on Zakynthos. The museum contains an impressive collection of hagiographic art from the Byzantine era, as well as Hellenistic and Byzantine sculptures and statues.

What to see in Zante - Byzantine Museum

8. Askos Stone Park

Wildlife sanctuary, a forest reserve, and a natural zoo located north of Zante town, in Volimes village. This is a must-see place for travelers.

What to see in Zante - Askos Stone Park

9. Helmis Natural History Museum of Zakynthos

Located in the small village of Agia Marina, in the center of the island, around 15 km from Zante town. Both modern and classy, Museum displays a vast collection of flora and fauna along with the sea life of Zakynthos. Around 2000 specimens are exposed here.

What to see in Zante - Helmis Natural History Museum

10. Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria

Agios Dionysios, the protector saint of Zakynthos, became a monk and lived the last years of his life in the 16th century here.

What to see in Zante - Monastery

11. Shiza

One of the best views of the island, Shiza is a cliff that will take your breath away.

What to see in Zante - Shiza

12. Porto Limnionas

Beautiful and hidden bay with caves and adventurous passes, ideal for snorkeling through caves.

 Insider info -It’s not like in the movies, and it’s dangerous! If you decide to do it, watch out and be prepared. 

What to see in Zante - Porto Limnionias

13. Skinari

The northernmost point of the island, where you can admire a magnificent view and get to sea by foot on a human-made ladder in stone and wood. Skinari is a place where swimming and snorkeling during the night can get you the company of plankton that shine in the moonlight.

what to see in Zante - Skinari

This exotic island has so many sites and beautiful places to show you. And with us, you will know exactly where to go. The amazing Zante awaits you!

Tell us, did you visit any of these fantastic locations? Hit the share button as well, please!