Vasilikos: The Quiet Paradise

Peaceful beach paradise.
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Vasilikos is one of the most popular destinations on Zakynthos situated on the peninsula of the island in the southeast. Vasilikos is not your old fashioned separate resort, but more like a group of small populated villages scattered around the area located only 11 km away from Zakynthos City.
It is known for its natural beauty and tranquility. Beautiful blue and clear sea, beaches underneath high mountains and vast olive groves cultivated near perfection, are only a couple of things worth mentioning.

Vasilikos offers a wide range of accommodations. Luxury hotels, apartments, bungalows, studios and even stone-built traditional houses are what you can find there, making this quiet paradise affordable for everyone. Bars, restaurants, quality amusement, shops and tourist attractions are also present. You will find everything you need there for relaxation and fun. Perfect for families and couples that enjoy quiet evenings makes Vasilikos an ideal choice when making a decision for a vacation.

Why choose Vasilikos?
  • Peace, tranquility and isolation.

    This part of Zante island is best known as a peaceful, quiet and relaxing place. If you’re looking for a break from the noise and rush of city life, Vasilikos is what you’re looking for. Breathtaking landscapes and views guarantee a refreshing and joyful vacation.

  • Location

    Vasilikos is located on the southern tip of the island of Zante. Although it is fairly isolated and rural, you can quickly and easily reach other, more urban areas, such as Argassi, Kalamaki and Laganas.  It is relatively close to the airport as well.

  • Beaches

    This area is famous for it’s pristine and beautiful sandy beaches, and intact nature. Perfect for unwinding and having a dip in the warm, shallow waters. Certain beaches are home to the endangered Caretta Caretta turtle species, so you will have a unique chance to observe and appreciate these creatures

  • Food & Dining

    There are many tavernas alongside the main road in Vasilikos which offer authentic and delicious Greek cuisine. Pick a restaurant after a long day on the beach, sit back and enjoy your meal in the moonlight.

Where to stay in Vasilikos?

Hotels, villas and other accommodation

You should choose accommodation according to your needs and finances. Vasilikos has to offer a vast variety of luxury hotels, family hotels, spa hotels, villas and ranches, so you will have all of the options open when you get there. The one of the quality aspects that all accommodation in Vasilikos share is quiet and peaceful stay. You won’t need to worry about noises like in more crowded places; Vasilikos is here to rejuvenate your soul. Providing great service and friendly atmosphere you will feel like you are at home.

We have made a list of some accommodations available in Vasilikos based on a variety of prices, so we could offer something for everyone’s pocket to choose from. Have in mind that we couldn’t list all of the hotels, as the list would be incredibly long.

Hotel Belvedere
Pefka Villas
Bay Hotel Vasilikos
Bay Hotel
Stamiris Studios
Porto-Zorro Vasilikos
Porto Zorro Hotel
Villa Levante

Vasilikos Beaches

Relax in the sandy paradise

Beaches are a trademark of Vasilikos region that has a great number and variety of beautiful sandy beaches. It may be that you will have to visit one beach each day of your stay to cover them all. We recommend you to have some kind of transportation in order to reach all of the beaches easier and faster. This list is made as a guide to which beach is nearest to the previously mentioned one so you can better plan your trips.

Kaminia Beach

Kaminia-BeachWe suggest that you start your beach tour here, especially if you don?t like crowded places. Numerous palm trees and vegetation give a fresh breath of air and protection from the sun even on the hottest days. With crystal clear blue water, beautiful sand and breathtaking view from the beach, Kaminia is a great place to relax.

St.Nicholas Beach

St.Nicholas-BeachSt. Nicholas is probably one of the most popular beaches for tourists and also the local populace. This beach is rather small, located in a bay and can be pretty crowded, but for a reason. With a wide range of activities,everyone can enjoy themselves. The gem of St. Nicholas is a small, white Orthodox church overlooking the bay just adding more beauty to the already wonderful scenery.

Gerakas Beach

Gerakas-BeachGerakas beach is located on the far end of the peninsula. This beach is under the protection of Zakynthos Marine Park, and the reason is that Caretta-Caretta turtles make Gerakas their nesting destination, so there are no bars or watersports. If you can wake up before dawn, you could assist the turtles to reach the sea, which makes an enlightening experience.

Porto Zorro Beach

Porto ZorroPorto Zorro is a combination of thick vegetation and beautiful cliff rocks that dwell in the sea. Despite tourist growth in the area in recent years, this place kept its peaceful charm. If you are not really a nature lover, this beach will most certainly change your mind with its jaw-dropping sights, and it will leave you in awe.

Porto Roma

Porto-RomaPorto Roma beach is one of the quietest places in the whole of Zakynthos with few visitors. It is usual to see only a few visitors during a course of the day. People often miss this beach when they are on their way to Gerakas. Its shallow waters, calm sea and a low number of tourists make this beach ideal for young families and their children.

Make sure to visit this one.

Dafni Beach

Dafni-beachThis beach is also under the protection of National Marine Park of Zakynthos, and it is one of the most important nesting areas for the Caretta-Caretta turtles. The beach is in its neutral state, being almost untouched as there are no hotels or bars nearby, only a few taverns and villas run by local families. Dafni will give you the most authentic feel Isolation and relaxation.

What to do in Vasilikos?

This area offers a good time for people who are more of a laid back type. You won’t find any wild parties or turbulent nightlife here. Vasilikos is a calm resort which is suitable for beach and nature lovers, in pursuit of a relaxing holiday. When it comes to natural beatuy, there is no place with nicer beaches than this one, on the entire Zante island.

As relaxing on the beach isn’t exactly an “activity”,  there are some fun, water related sports, for people looking to move around a little bit. Since Vasilikos is a family oriented resort, some easy going activities like boat rides and turtle spotting are also available.

If you’re wondering what to do in this area, check out some of our recommendations below.

Mario’s Cave & Turtle Boat Ride

mariosboatIf you wish to explore a bit of marine wildlife, join Mario and take part in his boat ride. You will learn about turtles, octopus and other sea creatures, as you enjoy the cruise across the blue waters of the Ionian sea. Have fun swimming in caves, and if you are a fan of snorkeling, this is an opportunity you cannot pass on.



For those of you that have that “wild” side water sports are the perfect choice for fun. Watersports Center in St. Nicholas offers a wide range of activities like banana and Ringo rides, renting pedaloes, water ski, canoes and even paragliding to provide for you the unforgettable experience. There are also diving lessons for those who are interested in such activities, providing basic instruction and equipment for beginners. These courses can be booked for an individual or group tuition.

Hane Mi. S. Ceramic Studio

Hane Mi. S. Ceramic Studio Vasilikos

Ceramic studio is a perfect place to open up your artistic side. The owners are most friendly and helpful, making the visit to the studio relaxing and beautiful experience. You will see some of the amazing pottery displayed there. Also, you can attend private lessons and try the pottery wheel which can be quite soothing to the mind.

Eating out in Vasilikos

Every one of us likes food that we can enjoy, and Vasilikos offers that exact thing. Vasilikos has numerous taverns and restaurants at its disposal, but all of them share the same thing, excellent and tasty food. While most restaurants are on the main road, there are some secluded taverns if you want to enjoy your meal in peace.

If you are hungry, satisfy your stomach with Greek food made in a traditional way. You won’t regret doing so. Besides Greek food, there are also international cuisines like Italian, Spanish, Chinese and English dishes.

Here is a list of places that you shouldn’t miss:

Agnadi is located on a little hill overlooking the coastline. Authentic Greek cuisine and beautiful surroundings will surely enhance your Vasilikos experience.

This is a family run business, and yes, the entire staff of the restaurant are from one family. Babbis is tidy and clean, and offers excellent Mediterranean food.

If eating on the beach is your thing, than Banana Baya is the right place for you. The many is varied and the drink selection is abundant as well.

For all of those who find themselves craving some good Italian cuisine, Di Camillo Trattoria Pizzeria is the place to be. Pizza is the main thing order, but none of the other dishes will disappoint.

Shopping in Vasilikos

When we are on a holiday, we like to purchase unique things that we otherwise can?t get. Vasilikos has numerous gift shops, including the previously mentioned Ceramic studio that offers a great quality built and beautiful souvenirs. Many of the gift shops offer unique traditional items, so surprise your friends or family with souvenirs they will never forget. Most of the Supermarkets, shops and bakeries are situated on the Vasilikos main road.

Vasilikos Nightlife

Nightlife in Vasilikos is peaceful and quiet as there are no big and loud clubs.

If you like to party hard, check the Zante nightlife page, we covered everything there.

Although, nightlife is in Vasilikos exist as you have few but quality bars with many events during the evening. You can enjoy your evenings by listening to traditional Zakynthian music and relax over a couple of drinks.

Check them out:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll present all the necessary info and most frequent questions that you might hive regarding the resort:

  • Where to rent cars and bikes?

    It would be a good idea to rent a vehicle since this is a fairly rural, and a bit isolated area. By doing this you could explore many beaches that this part of the island has to offer.
    1. Potamia Car Rentals
    Telephone: (+30) 26950 35465 – 35466 – 35249
    Mobile: (+30) 6948 062 355
    Fax:(+30) 26950 35462
    Email: [email protected]

    We talked about taxi transfers throughout the island in detail , and you should definitely follow the advice – always ask the driver for the price in front.

    To get to Vasilikos from the airport it will cost you 28 euros, and from Zante Town to Vasilikos about 22 euros.

  • Home accessories, electrical supplies?

    The electrical plugins are European standardized, and you’ll need adapters for them.

    Depending on your accommodation, all of the appliances will be provided by the landlord.

  • What’s the weather like in Vasilikos?

    We did the whole page on this topic, explaining the weather on Zante in detail.

    Similar to the rest of the island, temperatures in Vasilikos usually don’t drop below 30°C. If you prefer a bit cooler weather, you should visit the island in May/September.

  • All inclusive holidays in Vasilikos?

    There are 3 hotels that offer all-inclusive service. Those are Zante Royal Resort, Palazzo Di Zante Hotel, and Zante Imperial Hotel.

    However, we would kindly advise you to think twice before you book an all inclusive holiday. There are many excellent taverns and restaurants offering great traditional Greek food and decent service, and we highly recommend visiting them.

  • Pharmacy in Vasilikos?

    There are no pharmacies in Vasilikos since this is a remote and rural area, and the nearest one you can find is in Argassi, around 10 km up the road.

  • Approximate budget for a 10-day holiday?

    An amount of € 60 – € 100, should be enough to cover your daily expenses, including eating out and some rentals. Since there are no night clubs in Vasilikos, you will probably be spending most of your cash in restaurants, and prices start from € 7 onwards.

  • When to come to Vasilikos?

    July is usually the busiest month, but fortunately, Vasilikos never gets overcrowded. If you’re looking for a peaceful, easygoing vacation, that’s what you’ll get any time during the summer season.

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