The Ultimate Travel Blogs List (Hint: They’re Ranked, But Not the Way You Think)

ultimate travel blogs to follow
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We’re living in a big world. The world so big, that it’s almost impossible to explore it fully for a lifetime.
There are so many fantastic places to see, cultures to admire, interesting people to meet.

Thank God for the internet!e

It gave us the possibility of drooling over incredible imagery of the areas we’d love to visit. We even get the opportunity to read about those places and learn about the people who live there. All in courtesy of our friendly travel bloggers.

Here, at Zante Holiday Insider, we decided to honor the travel community and brave, adventurous people who explore far corners of the Earth. They inspire us to go further, dig deeper, and learn more.

Because of them, we realize there are more mesmerizing places in this world and that we are lucky enough to hear about them at least. Again, all thanks to our friends from around the world, the travel bloggers.

Why Zante Holiday Insider’s list of top travel bloggers?

There is a number of already published articles that list the top travel bloggers out there, and we’ve seen and explored them all. Here’s an example, another one, and another one.

For our list, we wanted something different, though.

Many sites that list the travel bloggers rank them using some kind of metric. And usually, those parameters are most likely correlated to traffic: Alexa ranking, MOZ ranking, or the authority these sites have online. This is OK, but it does create a bit unfair picture of the blogosphere – many super-creative and amazing blogs are left behind. That’s why we are not doing anything like this and focus on the single metric: the quality.

We are all here to celebrate the beauty of the world we live in, and share as much as possible. That’s why we’re starting our ULTIMATE TRAVEL BLOGS LIST with just one metric in mind.

We believe that blogs you’ll about to see are quality resources on traveling, and they should be respected as such.

(We’ll sort them by alphabetical order, for the sake of usability.)

P.S. If you think that your blog has something unique to add to the list, let us know!

We created a table of contents for you to browse easier:

A Dangerous Business

travel blog - a dangerous businessAmanda is the creator of A Dangerous Business travel blog and we assure you it is a charming website. She loves to travel and write about her experiences. Also, she isn’t a full-time traveler and says that you don’t need to sell your belongings and wander indefinitely to be happy. Check out her writings!

Visit A Dangerous Business Blog

Adventurous Kate

travel blog - adventurous kateKate McCulley is a woman who quit her job in 2010 and went on a six-month trip to Asia. Well, she is still on the road. Now this lady is a full-time traveler, blogger, and writer. On her blog, you can read all about her experiences, wonderful destinations, blogging advice and travel resources.

Visit Adventurous Kate Blog

Alex in Wanderland

travel blog - alex in wonderlandAlex is a girl from New York, who decided to leave her home in pursuit of a nomadic lifestyle. She has been a full-time traveler since 2011, and hasn’t looked back. She writes about her destinations, useful travel tips, and shares some practical tips on how to earn money abroad.

Visit Alex in Wanderland Blog

A Little Adrift

travel blog - A little adriftA Little Adrift is a blog and travelogue of Shannon O’Donnell, who left her US home in 2008. Now she is a writer, speaker, and wanderer. On the website you can find a bunch of material on “slow” travel, connecting with cultures, advice for vegetarian wanderers and much more.

Visit A Little Adrift Blog

Almost Fearless

travel blog - almost fearlessChristine Gilbert and her husband Drew, have been traveling together since 2008. They had a couple of kids along the way, filmed a documentary and wrote a book. Besides usual travel articles, there is a lot of good advice for freelancers/wanderers and business proposals from Christine. Worth looking into!

Visit Almost Fearless Blog

Always Wanderlust

travel blog - always wanderlustAdonis is a guy who lives to travel. He got bit by the travel bug during a car trip to Europe in 2013, and he still can’t shake it off. In this blog he shares his amazing experiences from interesting locations all over the world, as well as some wanderlust lifestyle tips.

Visit Always Wanderlust Blog

Amateur Traveler

travel blogAmateur Travel is a super popular travel podcast and blog, created and run by Chris Christensen. The podcast was launched in 2005, and usually, features a travel expert as a guest. Besides recorded audio episodes, you can find a lot of travel related articles, photos and resource info on this website.

Visit Amateur Traveler Blog

Around the World L

travel blog - around the world LLillie is a Boston native who loves to travel. She is a 6-foot-tall mom and English teacher and a frequent flyer. On her blog she keeps us posted about her wanderings, sharing what she has learned about the places she visited and gives some useful travel advice. Make sure not to miss this one!

Visit Around the World L Blog

As We Travel

travel blog - as we travelAs We Travel is an unbelievably informative travel blog with all the right things that could be possibly be needed by a beginner or a seasoned traveller. Advice and tips, cool guides and many charming, authentic videos will simply make you pack your bags and hit the road.

Visit As We Travel Blog

Backpacker Boy

travel blog - backpacker boyTom McLoughlin spent his childhood vacating in France and Spain, and these experiences tickled his imagination, so he decided to go further after the age of 18. He created the Backpacker Boy blog to talk about his favorite places to visit, as well as tips and advice on how to travel cheaply.

Visit Backpacker Boy Blog

Bacon is Magic

travel blog - bacon is magicAngelina, a wanderer foodie in search of adventures, met her chef partner Dave when she walked into his restaurant. Now, the couple runs the blog Bacon is Magic where they share their recipes, travel stories and tips with the world. If food and adventure are what you like, do not miss out on this website.

Visit Bacon is Magic Blog

Bald Hiker

Paul Steele is the founder and editor of Bald Hiker, a blog mainly about his hiking adventures. On the website Paul shares his passion for exploring nature through his storytelling and stunning photos. His friends drop by for an occasional post, and you can read about everything from accommodation and hiking locations to food and tech.

Visit Bald Hiker Blog

Beers and Beans

travel blog - beansBeth and Randy are a couple who are all about helping you improve the quality of your travels. They created Beers and Beans to inspire, inform and share their experiences in the form of articles and photos. Their style of travel is slow paced, laid back, and they even bring their puppy along!

Visit Beers and Beans Blog

Bemused Backpacker

travel blog - bemusedMichael Huxley is a nurse, published author and novelist, and a passionate traveler. The main purpose of his blog is to help people who are interested in backpacking learn how to do it! Here, he offers his books and a ton of other, useful information so make sure to take advantage of it.

Visit Bemused Backpacker Blog

Be My Travel Muse

Travel blog - be my travel museKristin, a Southern California native got tired and burned out by her career as an investment banker and started globetrotting in 2012, equipped with nothing but her backpack. If you are interested in solo travel, outdoor adventures, and SCUBA diving, this is the blog for you.

Visit Be My Travel Muse Blog

Blogger at Large

travel blog - blogger at largeMegan Singleton is a travel writer and all-round international woman. Originally from New Zealand, she has lived in the US and the UK, for some time which sparked her insatiable desire for travel and exploring. She has also been a writer for the last 16 years, and she is the founder of Random Act of Kindness Day in New Zealand on September 1st!

Visit Blogger at Large Blog

Borders of Adventure

travel blog - Becki is an award-winning writer and explorer. Her passion is discovering countries going through great changes, places with strong cultures – or as she calls it adventures with a social conscience. She brings us insights and conclusions from her trips, as well as some usual travel related info.

Visit Borders of Adventure Blog


travel blog - breatheBreatheDreamGo is a travel site founded by Mariellen Ward. This lady has been blogging and writing about her travels since 2005. Her purpose is to inspire people who are interested in authentic, meaningful and life-changing trips. It is also good to note that she is an expert on travel in India.

Visit BreatheDreamGo Blog

Brendan’s Adventures

travel blog - brendan's adventruesBrendan van Son is a Canadian photographer, blogger, and full-time traveler. After graduating college, he went to South America for work and instantly fell in love with traveling. He decided to make it his career, so he writes about his amazing lifestyle, and shares his stunning photos on the blog.

Visit Brendan’s Adventures Blog

Bridges and Balloons

If you are trying to find yourself by going places, this is a blog for you. Victoria is a wandering writer and editor based in London, who started her journey of self-discovery with a one-way ticket. She offers great travel info, as well as personal stories, and yoga/mindfulness writings.

Visit Bridges and Balloons Blog

Bucket List Journey

Dream it, do it – this is Anette’s slogan. This lady is a freelance travel writer, a restaurant owner and an overall inspiration to many. She decided to change her life and not let fear influence any of her decisions. Now she is an adventurer, and runs a lifestyle and travel worth checking out!

Visit Bucket List Journey Blog

Budget Traveller

Kash Bhatacharya is a man who describes himself as a budget traveler. Naturally, a lage portion of his blog is dedicated to helping you achieve your travel goals with a humble amount of money. You can find a lot of info on destinations, cheap accommodation and food, as well as some luxurious options.

Visit Budget Traveller Blog

Burger Abroad

Amanda Burger is a person who is “allergic to monotony” so being a full-time traveler is a perfect career choice. She travels with and lives out of an 11-pound bag, and she doesn’t complain. Her blog offers practical info about affordable travel, destinations and amazing ways to get by while being constantly on the move.

Visit Burger Abroad Blog

Camels and Chocolate

Kristin Luna is a journalist, southerner at heart and by birth. She is the mastermind of the Camels and Chocolate blog. Along with her husband SVV, she loves to roam the world and tell about it. Besides a lot of travel/destination stories, you can find celeb interviews, lifestyle articles, and Kristin’s writing portfolio. Enjoy!

Visit Camels and Chocolate Blog

Changes in Longitude

After 25 years of marriage Larissa and Michael decided to sell their possessions, and in 2011 set off on a world tour. They liked it so much that they became full-time travelers without a fixed address. They have written a few books, and their blog contains a lot of awesome, travel-related info.

Visit Changes in Longitude Blog

Cheapest Destinations

This experienced citizen of the world and a published author has many of the questions concerning budget-traveling well answered. Tim Leffel is a renowned expert in the world of exploring on a budget, and his proven dose of cynicism and carefulness make his blog full of trustworthy content.

Visit Cheapest Destinations Blog

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Alexandra Kovacova is a person who claims that travel is her purpose in life, so she made it into her job. Thanks to her education and jobs, she had a chance to live in 6 different countries and just kept going. Her blog offers all kinds of content, from usual travel tips to health advice and adventure stories and photos.

Visit Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Blog

Delicious Baby

Debbie is a mother of three, and a frequent traveler and she also have her hands on many different business ventures. On her blog, she writes about traveling from a perspective of a woman with three children. The information she offers is useful, practical and to the point, so make sure to check it out.

Visit Delicious Baby Blog

Don’t Forget To Move

travel blog - don't forget to moveJules and Christine are a travel blogger couple, who advocate the way of “responsible travel.” They have more than five years of volunteer experience, have visited over 50 countries and want to help you do the same. They offer visual and written content, useful to any wanderer at heart.

Visit Don’t Forget To Move Blog

Dream Euro Trip

DJ Yabis is a world traveler and a Euro-travel expert. This guy has been on the road for more than five years. He settled in Europe in 2009 and has explored the continent very well. He now offers some experience-based, useful advice and tips on creating your perfect trip in Europe.

Visit Dream Euro Trip Blog

Escaping Abroad

James Kelley was just another office worker chasing the American Dream and hoping for fulfillment. After his 10 day trip to Belize his priorities changed, he stopped chasing material possessions and started roaming across the world. His blogs shows us stories and photos of his travels, as well as some great advice about travel.

Visit Escaping Abroad Blog


Agness and Cez are a Polish couple who live without a permanent home, constantly traveling. They started this “tramping” lifestyle, as they call it, in 2011 and are thriving at it. They earn money doing various types of jobs and go on unbelievable adventures. On their blog, you’ll find out hot to travel cheaply and make a living on the road.

Visit eTramping Blog

Ever In Transit

Cassie Kifer created Ever In Transit to share her love of food and travel with the world. Assisted by her husband Kevin, and their dog Posey, she runs the website. Here you can find info about destinations (California and the rest of the world), travel tips, recipes and other food related stuff.

Visit Ever In Transit Blog

Everything Everywhere

If we were to write all that Gary Arndt has accomplished in his life, we would probably need another site just for him. Luckily, there already is such a thing – his own blog. See for yourself and meet this amazing person that has done everything from swimming with jellyfish in Palau to driving an F1 car in Spain.

Visit Everything Everywhere Blog

Expert Vagabond

travel blog - expert vagabondMatt (Matthew Karsten) calls himself a vagabond, but after visiting his site and getting to know him, it is easy to see that he is more than just a nomad or a drifter. An expert photographer, first-class adventurer and an outstanding story-teller, Matt will surely dazzle your world with his tales and photos of our lovely planet.

Visit Expert Vagabond Blog

Extra Pack of Peanuts

Travis and his wife Heather are all about traveling on a budget. With their blog Extra Pack of Peanuts, they break the myth that you need to be rich to travel the world. On the blog, you can find awesome and unique advice, on how to score $5 plane tickets and travel without breaking the bank.

Visit Extra Pack of Peanuts Blog

Finding the Universe

Laurence and Jessica are a world-traveling couple, currently based in Edinburgh, UK. They created a blog to document and present their trips. Laurence likes to take photos and write about his point-of-view, and Jessica speaks on everything from travel tips to psychology. They make an interesting and useful mix, so give their blog a visit!

Visit Finding the Universe Blog


Anil Polat is a blogger and computer security engineer who has been happily wandering for the last six years. So far he has visited an astounding 80 countries and is still going. As a full-time nomad, he runs his blog where you can find travel stories, tech/gear advice, and much more good stuff.

Visit foXnoMad Blog

Flirting with the Globe

Karisa Klee is an American attorney who was bitten by a travel bug. Even though she has a full-time job, it doesn’t stop her from going on serious adventures worldwide. Along with her team of contributors, she runs a travel blog providing great info about destinations as well as useful tips.

Visit Flirting with the Globe Blog

Girl Tweets World

Jayne is a British expat who lives in Australia, Sydney to be more precise. She is a blogger and a social media entrepreneur, with six years of experience. Travel is what she loves to do, and her website tells us about destinations, flying advice, food and her life in Sydney.

Visit Girl Tweets World Blog

Girl vs Globe

Born and raised in Czech Republic Sabina has moved to a few countries all over Europe. This sparked her desire for travel and exploration. So naturally, she created a blog and now traveling and writing is her job. She also writes about lifestyle, food, and fashion among other topics.

Visit Girl vs Globe Blog


GlobalGrasshoper is the brainchild of Becky and Gray, a UK-based duo who love travel. Their mission is to search, find and share info about world’s most underrated and wonderful places. They document their trips and present it on the blog with the help of their “travel snob” friends. Inspirational, useful and awesome!

Visit GlobalGrasshopper Blog

Globetrotter Girls

Dani is the girl behind Globetrotter Girls, a blog originally started in 2010 by her and her ex-partner Jessica. The wandering couple parted ways in 2014, and Dani continued to roam the world solo. She writes about gay/lesbian-friendly travel, shares photo essays and provides heaps of inspiration for all curious travelers. Enjoy!

Visit Globetrotter Girls Blog

Goats On The Road

Nick and Dariece, or “Goats” as they call themselves, are writers and videographers, as well as full-time travelers. They chose this unconventional lifestyle due to their passion for wandering and developed many ways to make money on the road. On their blog, they share a lot of travel blogging tips, travel stories, videos and cool info.

Visit Goats On The Road Blog

Going Awesome Places

From electrical engineer to consultant to full-time travel blogger, Will Tang’s journey has surely been and continues to be an exciting one. He blogs about the places he’s been, writes a lot of reviews and helps aspiring travel bloggers achieve their dreams. Going Awesome Places is his way to do it.

Visit Going Awesome Places Blog

Go, See, Write

Michael Hodson is an attorney who decided to undertake an amazing feat – travel the globe without ever getting on an airplane. He succeeded, and it took him 16 months. Now he is writing about the whole experience (while traveling!). Read his amazing stories, check out the awesome tips and browse through this great blog!

Visit Go, See, Write Blog

Green Global Travel

Bret and Mary are a couple who are enthusiastic about the world and all of its inhabitants. Their website is dedicated to ecotourism, promoting a sustainable way of travel, in order to preserve our planet for generations to come. They share their experiences in the form of articles, photos, and videos, and they offer a bunch of great info on travel.

Visit Green Global Travel Blog

Gypsy Nester

David and Veronica were faced with the “empty nest syndrome” – that is, their kids grew up and moved out. So they decided to sell their home and become Gypsy Nesters, or permanent wanderers. Right now they are roaming the world and reporting about what they’ve learned, seen and felt on their blog.

Visit Gypsy Nester Blog

Hand Luggage Only

Traveling, photography, food and life-hacks presented by two really funny British guys basically screams that this is a blog for all like-minded people. While taking on a humorous approach, Yaya and Lloyd have actually made a very professional blog where you can learn or simply enjoy their traveling exploits.

Visit Hand Luggage Only Blog

Heather on her travels

Heather got bitten by the travel bug at a young age. She roamed the world a bit in college and refused to stop ever since. She is hitting the road hard these days, and her blog offers tons of useful and interesting information, including podcasts, videos, giveaways and much more good stuff.

Visit Heather on her travels Blog

Hecktic Travels

Dalene and Pete Heck are a Canadian couple, who decided to abandon their corporate jobs and suburb home so they could travel the world. They didn’t regret this decision, and as of 2009, they have been on the road non-stop. They share their stories, tips, and reviews as well as photos and much more goodies!

Visit Hecktic Travels Blog

Helen in Wonderlust

Approaching the end of the twenties in 2009, Helen decided to quit her job and go on a trip to Africa. Little did she know that this will change her life forever, and for the next six years, she continued traveling around the globe. She shares her travel stories, personal interests, and advice on her website.

Visit Helen in Wonderlust Blog

Hey Nadine

travel blog - hey nadineIf you’re looking for inspiration, good advice and want to have a laugh as well, then look no further than Hey Nadine. The mastermind behind this blog is Nadine Sykora, and she offers many great videos, photos and articles on this blog. Travel, food and general life stuff, we guarantee you’ll love it!

Visit Hey Nadine Blog

Hippie In Heels

travel blog - hippie in heelsRachel Jones is an American girl who said goodbye to her nursing career for a chance to live abroad. She has traveled all over the globe and (kind of) settled in Goa, India three years ago. She loves both luxury and adventure and writes about both sides of travel. Her lovely site also has a big focus on India.

Visit Hippie In Heels Blog

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Barbara Weibel, like many others, was a person in search of meaning. Her life and jobs never brought her enjoyment, in fact, it was her sickness that made her reconsider her existence and set off on a world tour. She is now a full-time nomad, and she writes about her inspiring lifestyle.

Visit Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel Blog

I am Alieen

Tired of her corporate job, Aileen decided to quit at only 21 years old. Since then she has been a digital nomad, traveler and entrepreneur, inspiring others to do the same. Besides telling us about lovely destinations to visit, she also provides tips and resources for you to have the best trip possible.

Visit I am Alieen Blog

Inside the Travel Lab

What happens if you place a simply adorable creative young woman in a world just begging to be discovered? The answer is quite simple – you get Abi King, a former hospital doctor who has become a writer so she could share the joys of our planet through Herman Melvillesque articles and stunning photography.

Visit Inside the Travel Lab Blog

Inspiring Travellers

Geert is a Belgian traveler who’s the main purpose is to inspire others, so he created a blog with this generous intention. On the website, you can find a travelogue of his adventures, as well as guest posts. He also interviews other travelers and writes about food and drinks.

Visit Inspiring Travellers Blog

Isabelle’s Travel Guide

Isabelle is a woman who loves nothing more than traveling. Discovering and experiencing new destinations is her biggest passion, and she made a blog inspire others with similar interests. She provides good information about all things travel related, such as best deals, airline choice, packing tips and more.

Visit Isabelle’s Travel Guide Blog

Jones Around The World

Dave, or as his friends call him Jones, is a 26-year-old travel junkie who has been in love with the nomadic lifestyle since his college years. He has been on the move for quite a few years, from Europe to South East Asia to Australia, and he offers his useful travel tips and stories on his blog.

Visit Jones Around The World Blog

Just a Pack

Michael and Randi are full-time nomads. Originally from NYC, they have been on a non-stop journey from 2014. Since they are budget travelers, you can find a lot of info about affordable travel on their blog. They also suggest places to visit, things to do there and some accommodation reviews.

Visit Just a Pack Blog

Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina is a girl who got fed up with her job, and around 2008 set out on the road. Then, in 2010, she returned home, only to leave again during the same year. She is now a full-time, homeless traveler, and she loves it. Read about her experiences, advice and much, much more on her blog.

Visit Just One Way Ticket Blog

Just Travelous

Yvonne is an adventurer at heart, a wanderer and a blogger. She quit her job as a TV journalist in 2010, in search of excitement. People say that life is a ride, and she wants to make it a fun one. On her blog, she shares her philosophy, travel stories, videos and many more goodies.

Visit Just Travelous Blog

Karolina Patryk

travel blog - karolina patrykKarolina and Patryk are people who are making their dreams come to life. They chose to stay away from the “normal” jobs and instead became full-time travelers and online entrepreneurs. They are a true inspiration for anyone trying to do the same, and they give some great advice on how to do it.

Visit Karolina Patryk Blog

Keep Calm and Travel

A full-pledged nomad, Clelia is a gorgeous woman from Sardinia who defies outdated life dogmas (how very Sardinian of her) by being happy, along with exploring and meeting the world. Follow her adventures in South-east Asia that with stories that emphasize her apparent life motto – live your life on your own terms!

Visit Keep Calm and Travel Blog

La Jolla Mom

Katie Dillion is a wife, mom, writer and she’s a fan of the nicer things in life. She writes about luxury lifestyle and all that it includes – food and drinks, fabulous locations and so on. There is also a lot of info on household tips, so make sure to check this one out!

Visit La Jolla Mom Blog


Matt Long is not your typical nomad. He is a person with a permanent residence and a family who has found a way to make the most out of his travels. On this blog, he wants to inspire people, share his stories and make travel accessible for everyone. Very useful and enjoyable website.

Visit LandLopers Blog

Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert is a guy who chose to leave his monotonous daily life behind in search of adventure and meaning. He has been on the road since 2009, and he learned a lot of things about travel along the way. He now shares his stories and offers travel guidance, as well as trip planning services.

Visit Leave Your Daily Hell Blog

Lee Abbamonte

Lee Abbamonte is truly a phenomenon. Being called as “Marco Polo of the 21st century” he is the youngest American to visit every country in the world (318 countries so far). On his blog you can find many articles and useful information about the places he visited. Give him a check out!

Visit Lee Abbamonte Blog

Legal Nomads

travel blog - legal nomadsIntelligently placed in the name of the blog, the ‘’legal’’ part stand for an ambitious lawyer who gave up on her job to travel the world and live her life the way she always wanted. Jodi Ettenberg has since became a very familiar name in the world of traveling but also a chain shop owner and a respectable author.

Visit Legal Nomads Blog

Life Part 2

In 2011 Jonathan sold everything he had and set off on an adventure. He traded his standard American lifestyle and the constant chase for comfort, for a taste of challenge. He doesn’t choose any specific way of traveling, like backpacking or luxury; he does a bit of both and writes about it on his blog.

Visit Life Part 2 Blog

Live Dream Discover

Sarah and Nathan, a full-time traveling couple who are all about living purposefully. That being said , discovering and inhabiting new places might be their purpose. They left their “normal” lives in pursuit of happiness, and they offer advice on how to lead a balanced and fulfilled life, all while being constantly on the road.

Visit Live Dream Discover Blog

LLWorldTour Blog

Lisa Lubin is an Emmy award-winning TV producer and video consultant, and a travel blogger. She also does some writing, photography and all of this contributes to her amazing blog. There you can see a lot of stunning visuals, as well as travel advice, and yes, there is also a food section.

Visit LLWorldTour Blog

Local Adventurer Blog

The constant movers Esther and Jacob are an adorable couple that has devoted their lives to exploring. Currently they are doing a tour of the USA but that doesn’t stop them to go and visit some pretty fabulous places such as Spain, Indonesia, etc. Visit their blog as they aspire to make it a home for all the Local Adventurers out there.

Visit Local Adventurer Blog

Love And Road

These two digital nomads are simply full positive thinking and it comes as no surprise that they are mostly smiling in their pictures. However, Rob and Nat are not simple free-roamers. Their blog offers a lot of tips and advice about traveling to many different places. Well documented, their experience could prove to be beneficial to both novices and experienced travelers.

Visit Love And Road Blog

Man On The Lam

Man On The Lam is a blog, or more precise it is Raymond’s way of sharing his experiences. This website is designed in a beautiful, retro newspaper/poster style, and it offers travel stories, life stuff, food articles and much more fun and useful content. We all need an escape from our daily lives sometimes, check out Raymond’s tales.

Visit Man On The Lam Blog


Mark Wiens is a man who’s biggest passions in life are food and travel. He decided to combine both and created Migrationology to inspire others and share his experiences. On the website, you can find tons of writings, photos, and videos compacted into a convenient guide of cities Mark visited. Check it out!

Visit Migrationology Blog

Mindful Wanderlust

Giselle and Cody are all about compassion. They are vegans and animal right activists, as well as art enthusiasts and foodies. They have been wandering around for the last three years, and their blog offers us info about responsible and sustainable travel. Be sure to check out their mindful adventures.

Visit Mindful Wanderlust Blog

Mommy Musings

Stefanie Fauquet is the founder of Mommy Musings. She is a lifestyle blogger, foodie, and an avid traveler. Based in Tampa, Florida she loves to go on trips with her family and share her experience on the blog. Being a passionate cook, she also gives us a lot of recipes. Some entertainment and general life advice can be found here as well!

Visit Mommy Musings Blog

Monkeys and Mountains

Learn about meaningful traveling and exploring unusual and unorthodox travel destinations with Laurel Robbins. Find out about hiking, trekking, cycling and many other rewarding activities on top of awe-inspiring mountains with breathtaking views. Meeting local people while supporting their communities is a raison d’être for this versatile traveler and blogger.

Visit Monkeys and Mountains Blog

Mrs. O Around the World

Ana Silva O’Riley, or Mrs. O is a travel writer who loves luxury. She founded her blog, Mrs. O Around The World in 2011, to write about her personal travels and all the things that go along with it. Now the website has evolved into a lifestyle and travel blog, adored by many.

Visit Mrs. O Around the World Blog

My Itchy Travel Feet

My Itchy Travel Feet is, as they say, “The baby boomers guide to travel.” Donna L. Hull writes and her husband Alan Hull takes the photos, and together they run the blog. They offer detailed guides to all kinds of travel; domestic (US) to international. Baby boomer or not, we highly recommend this site!

Visit My Itchy Travel Feet Blog


A traveller’s fairy-tale unraveled itself in the lives of Samantha and Yeison, the owners My Tan Feet travel blog. It was the urge to travel and meet people that got them together in the first place, and as love conquers all, it was traveling that keeps them together on a never-ending adventure around the world.

Visit Mytanfeet Blog

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren Juliff started her world-famous travel blog with a really interesting premise – to show people how to not travel. Through her experience you have chance to find out that traveling doesn’t fix your problems. On the contrary, having problems and facing them in a way fixes you and gives you more than you could have ever hoped to get. Lauren published a book on how not to travel, check it out!

Visit Never Ending Footsteps Blog

Never Ending Voyage

After spending a year on the road, Simon Fairbairn, and Erin McNeaney found it very hard to fit back in their previous 9 to 5 routine. So they decided to ditch that lifestyle and become digital nomads. They also developed a few great travel apps, wrote a book and frequently post about their trips.

Visit Never Ending Voyage Blog


Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem a.k.a Lesh and Jazza, are a traveling couple from Australia, together on the road since they met in 2008. They created a website in 2013 to share their amazing trip experiences and inspire others to do a similar thing. They provide us with a bunch of photos, stories, and travel resources.

Visit NOMADasaurus Blog

Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien are a gay couple from London who have been on a world tour since 2014 when they got tired of the comfortable lifestyle and set off on an adventure. They created Nomadic Boys to share their awesome travel stories, talk about different gay scenes around the world and their food discoveries. We collaborated before, S & S are our good friends – make sure to visit them!

Visit Nomadic Boys Blog

Nomadic Matt

New York Times best-selling author and a true veteran of the backpack and cheap traveling, Matt Kepnes is the go-to person when it comes seeking advice for your own trip. Tested by millions and world-famous, Matt offers you first-hand tips and tricks you can use wherever you find yourself accompanied by real research and exquisite photography.

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Nomadic Notes

James Clark is the founder of Nomadic Notes and a long-term, full-time traveler. He started living the digital nomad lifestyle in 2003 when he decided to try self-employment. It was a good decision, and on the blog, he offers great information for people interested in this kind of work/life. Inspirational and highly useful blog.

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Nomadic Samuel

“Forever a nomad” would probably be the best way to describe Samuel, a young man who has traveled to 26 countries so far. Traveling on a budget with resourcefulness and a quick mind, Samuel has done what he has dreamt about – he is living his life free of North America’s bureaucratic shackles.

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Nomad is Beautiful

Traveling en couple is one of the best ways to free your emotions and to take your relationship to a much higher level. Ivana and Gianni have discarded their past monotonous life and have decided to travel the entire world. Both are very keen on photography, writing and videos, so naturally their blog is full of interesting and beautiful content.

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Nomad Revelations

With 16 years of travel experience, João has so many interesting stories that will simply get you addicted to his blog. The sheer amount of feats and accomplishments this man has done and the adventures he’s had will give any traveler enough ideas and inspiration to last him a life-time.

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Notes of Nomads

Jess and Hai are an international couple, who met in Australia in 2003 and had been together since. They decided to go on a world trip in 2006 which inspired their further travels. So far they have visited more than 50 countries and finally settled in Japan. Besides freelancing, they run their awesome travel blog with a lot of cool info.

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Off The Path

Sebastian Canaves is a Spanish/German man who is true to himself, and that’s why he decided to turn his passion into a job. He started his adventure blog Off-the-path where he and his team, write about adventures, destinations, travel resources and overall useful and practical tips.

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One Modern Couple

One Modern Couple are two people who decided to live a different lifestyle. They quit their 9-5 jobs for traveling the world and developing their own web based business. They offer advice and help for people who wish to do a similar thing , and they are all about inspiring others to follow their dreams.

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One Step 4Ward

Johnny Ward is a young man who is living his dreams. He left Ireland in 2006, traveled and worked in Asia. Then he set up a blog and started making money off the web. Now he is a full-time traveler, writing about his destinations and helping others with similar aspirations achieve their goals. Great inspiration and useful information.

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Ordinary Traveler

Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore are a duo behind Ordinary Traveler. Their mission is to help “ordinary” people with normal lives, who don’t want to sell all of their stuff and become permanent nomads, achieve their travel goals. It is possible to lead an exciting and frequently-traveling life, and they offer a lot of info on how to do it.

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Ottsworld Travel

Sherry is a woman who is happily homeless since 2006. She quit her corporate job and went on a trip from which she never returned. Sherry fell in love with a nomadic lifestyle, and now she has a blog. On this website, you can find writings about travel and life, as well as photos and much more.

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Our Awesome Planet

Our Awesome Planet is more than just a travel blog; it is form of a journal based on a beautiful idea. Proud parents travel the world with their children and use the blog as a sort of memoirs their kids can read when they grow up. Family friendly and packed real-life tips and tricks, Our Awesome Planet is the perfect blog for any nomad family to learn from and borrow ideas.

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Out of Town Blog

Out Of Town is a travel blog that concentrates at one of the most beautiful islands- the Philippines. Mello Villareal started his blog to bring close the culture, food, attractions, and local heritage of Philippines. On his blog, you can find amazing photos, tips, guides and a lot more interesting stuff. Definitely a must visit if you are into Philippines like we are.

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Over Yonderlust

Erica and Shaun are an amazing, tattooed, living-life-to-the-fullest type people. Hailing from Austin, Texas the couple decided to ditch their normal lifestyles, to roam the globe. After two years on the road, they’re back in Texas, but their adventure is far from over. Check out their stories on the blog!

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Packing my Suitcase

Allane Milliane is a Brazilian girl and wanderer at heart. She has lived in five different countries before finally settling in Munich, Germany with her husband. She started her blog in 2014, where she documents her daily life, travels and writes about her likes/hobbies. Interesting and inspiring!

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Peter Sommer Travels

Peter Sommer and his trusty team are a tour operator firm from UK gullet cruises, cultural and private trips to Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. If you want a detailed, personal and educational trip, Peter’s team of experts is there to guide you along the way. Discover, learn and enjoy!

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Pinoy Adventurista

Pinoy Adventurista is a travel blog which documents backpacking and mountaineering stories from a travel junkie. It started as a Pinoy’s challenge to visit all the provinces in the Philippines, and has grown into a worldwide adventure blog. Check out his awesome food, destination and accommodation tips, as well as a ton of other good stuff.

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Points And Travel


One of the latest additions to our list, Points And Travel brings the luxurious traveling closer to you like no one. Written and maintained by Dr. Cacinda Maloney, a renowned travel expert and social media influencer, this blog will bring the best out of quality resorts and destinations which you can afford, if you look more closely. Great stories, superb photography, and a lot of adventure is what awaits you on this blog. Highly recommend!

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“P.S. I’m On My Way”

In case you ever wondered what a free-minded person can gain from traveling, you should check out Trisha’s blog. Based mainly on experiences and mind growing, this blog shows traveling and meeting new cultures from an entirely different point of view. The one of full immersion instead of just visiting.

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Rachel Rudwall

Rachel is a professional explorer and her career as a TV host/producer has taken her on countless adventures. Her blog offers you photographic and video documents of her travels, with a close and personal feel to it. In this way she brings the world to you, so hop on and enjoy the ride.

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Revolving Compass

Revolving Compass is a travelogue by a couple Abhishek and Neha, software engineers by profession and travelers by passion. When they are not able to travel physically, they travel virtually through the travel blogging world. Revolving Compass contains stories of their travel, personal experience, tips on traveling efficiently; traveling with a baby and how best to balance travel along with a full-time job.

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She Tells Travel Tales

Alexa’s new life started with a decision to quit her job in upstate NY and embark on a global adventure, and she hasn’t looked back since. The 20-something girl gives us an insight in her travels, visiting both famous destinations and straying off the beaten path. She also has some awesome travel advice.

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Solo Traveler

Janice Waugh is the founder of Solo Traveler, and she runs the blog along with Tracey Nesbitt. These two writers and adventurers created an online community which gathers solo travel enthusiasts from all over the globe. They post weekly articles, as well as practical tips and advice about wandering alone, as well as other inspiring writings.

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Stop Having a Boring Life

Rob is a guy who, as he says, left everything for a chance to travel the world. His travel is still ongoing, and there are no plans of stopping in sight. He shares his insights and adventure stories, in the form of text, photos, and videos. He also shares a few cool travel tips.

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Surfing the Planet

Rachel and Gabor are two passionate travelers, who enjoy nothing more than backpacking around the globe. The couple started their blog in 2012 with the intention of spreading their love for traveling, as well as helping others choose destinations and prepare for trips. They offer a lot of info about Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Oceania.

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Marissa Tejada is the cute face behind this interesting blog about Greece and Europe. She’s an expat from New York, uniting with Athens as her second home. She is a prolific writer behind a big hit Chasing Athens, a woman’s fiction novel, currently ranking on Amazon’s Best Seller list.

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That Backpacker

A professional full time travel blogger, Audrey is the owner of this awesome blog. Positive and outgoing by nature, Audrey has transitioned from being a weekend traveler into a true free-thinker and a cosmopolitan. Her site does not only feature great travel stories but also encourages and instructs people to share their own travel experiences.

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The Barefoot Nomad

Charles and Micki Kosman have been wandering around the globe together since 2003. Many things have changed for them in the last 13 years, such as having kids, but their passion for travel remains intact. Their website contains info about their adventures, as well as travel and tech tips. Give it a look!

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The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanamo is the lady behind The Blog Abroad. After graduating college she booked a one-way ticket to Europe, and now she has been to over 35 countries and has no plans of stopping. On the blog, you can find a bunch of travel info and resources, as well as cool travel stories.

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The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is a California girl who chased and achieved the American Dream. Unfortunately, it left her unfulfilled and unhappy, so she decided to ditch it all and start wandering the globe. Since then she’s sharing fantastic stories, travel tips and amazing posts on one of the best-designed sites in the travel industry.

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The Broke Backpacker

No word describes this man better than – adventure. Meet Will, a nomad and thrill seeker at heart, who loves the extreme interaction with nature and the world. He started his blog in 2014, after six years on the road, with a purpose to share his stories and help aspiring explorers with some great advice.

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The Constant Rambler

Lauren and Kenin are two dreamers and adventurers at heart who are living their dream of traveling and meeting new people. Fed up with the constant job annoyances, this married duo decided to take their lives into their own hands. Writing about their adventures, they have made a lot of fun content that inspires others to live a free life.

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The Crowded Planet

Margherita is a writer, and Nick a photographer, and they are a traveling couple, and they have been roaming since 2005. Their main focus is nature and adventure, as well as how to travel in a sustainable way. They started a blog to give their advice and perspective on travel and offer a lot of guides, reviews, and much more good stuff.

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The Fairytale Traveler

Christa Thompson is a woman who is enchanted by everything movie/fairy tale/fantasy related, and that’s what she bases her travels on. Christa and her son visit fairytale-like locations, such as old castles or anything that has some mystery to it. Her website also has a lot of practical info for traveling moms. Enjoy!

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The International Wanderer

International Wanderer was created in 2013 by Diane (New Zealand) and Jaime (Colombia), two people who spent a lot of time living in foreign countries. Now they are offering advice and direct guidelines for people who want to study, work or volunteer abroad. Their website offers amazing, useful information for anyone interested in such experiences.

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The Planet D

Inspiring people to travel the world for the last 8 years, Dave & Deb are the traveler couple behind an award-winning blog called The Planet D. Insane amount of amazing travel articles, tips and advice, travel gear reviews and many more are reasons well worth the visit and subscription. Dave & Deb are among top travel influencers in the world, so you know you’re going to get some quality stuff there.

We collaborated before here and here; Deb & Dave are our great friends, make sure to visit them!

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The Poor Traveler

Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos prove that traveling is not only for the rich. Coming from the Philippines, a third-world country, they aspire to travel as much as possible, and magnificently succeed in it. They’re stories are inspiring and their writing style is always intriguing. These guys are worth following.

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The Professional Hobo

Nara Dunn made the decision to sell all of her belongings and leave her home in Toronto for good. Since then she has seen most of the world and lived through uncountable adventures. She makes money by writing on the road, and she shares info and tips on how you can do it too.

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The Savvy Backpacker

James and Susan are a married couple/travel team determined to help you plan and prepare for a perfect trip in Europe. They’ve been living and roaming around this continent for the past few years, and on their blog they provide information about transport, money, sightseeing and all the other stuff you need to know about traveling.

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The Traveling Praters

Tonya is the founder and writer for The Traveling Praters. She started this website as a personal outlet and soon it has evolved into a treasure box of useful and inspiring information about traveling the US. Having lived in an RV for some time, she has quite a bit of road experience, and she likes to share what she has learned with the world.

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The Traveling Light

Katie created The Traveling Light with a mission to inspire people’s journeys. As she says, she offers a visual and written collection of hidden places located all over the world. She gives you a detailed look of certain spots that she considers fascinating to motivate you to seek out your own special places!

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The Vacation Gals

Parents your prayers are answered! The Vacation Gals is a blog run by three experienced, world roaming moms. There you can find a bunch of tips on traveling with your children, from comfy casual trips to Europe to hiking adventures. There is a lot more brilliant content on this website so give it a look.

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This Girl Loves

After Sara had graduated from the University of Birmingham, she decided to take some time to travel and see as much of the world as possible. This blog mirrors her experiences and shows us photos and stories. A major part of the website is dedicated to fashion and beauty. Who said you couldn’t look good as a nomad?

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Time Travel Turtle

Michael Turtle is an Australian man, who decided to quit his job at the age of 30. Since then he has been on the road, constantly exploring the world at his pace. He created a blog to write about the people, places and cultures he immerses himself into, and many other inspiring topics as well!

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To Europe And Beyond

To Europe And Beyond is a story about a 19-year-old Canadian girl that fell in love with Europe (England to be exact) and irreversibly realized that traveling and exploring are the true joys of our world. Today, Marie-Eve Vallieres along with her husband frequently travels around the planet but never fails to come back to Europe.

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Tourist to Townie

Gareth Leonard is a man who walked out of a multi-million dollar company in search of happiness – and he never looked back. His approach to travel is slow and long-term, meaning that he settles down in a place and becomes a local for a while, before moving on. Read about his unique lifestyle on his blog!

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Stephanie Be is a superwoman from California, who quit her corporate job for traveling, and never looked back. So far she has been to 40 countries, and she documented it on her blog. You can find photos and articles about destinations, lifestyle, and motivation. She also offers business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and bloggers.

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Travel Dave

Dave Bratt is a 26-year-old travel blogger and full-time nomad, originally from the UK. Dave has studied and lived in several countries and visited 86 countries overall. He does this by living out of his backpack and sticking to a small budget. His blog has been in operation since 2005, where he offers advice, videos, and stories, as well as a few books of his own.

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Traveldudes is an internet, blog-like community of travelers that share their stories, experiences and advice from all corners of our planet. Covering six continents Traveldudes have a story for everyone with travel tips stunning photos and interesting videos. If you are a like-minded traveler, this is a blog you should definitely check out.

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Traveleurope is a successful online hotel direct booking service, helping travelers around the world get good deals and packages, and remove the hassle from booking process. Their blog is neat, quirky, interesting and it covers a variety of topics. No matter where you travel, or what might interest you, this website will offer something interesting and valuable to you. They are our good friends – we collaborated before, and will continue.

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After Jeremy Scott Foster had graduated college, he realized that the ‘normal world’ isn’t for him, and quit his job during his first working year. Since 2010 he has been a full-time adventurer, constantly moving, writing, taking photos and, of course, exploring. His mission is to show everyone that it is possible to achieve this kind of a lifestyle.

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Traveling Canucks

Nicole and Cameron Wears are a married couple who share a passion for wandering. They spent quite a few years backpacking over the globe, before they had kids and settled down in Vancouver, BC. Now they travel as a family of four and prove that you can have it tall – business, family and awesome trips!

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Travelling Buzz

Maria and Krasi are a Bulgarian super couple who realized that travel could be pretty affordable, and embarked on a journey! Their primary focus is Europe, and they provide practical advice about destinations on this continent. There is also a lot of info about their home country, as well as reviews of hotels, places and so on.

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Travelocafe is a blog which offers high-quality info on all things travel-related. The website has a few different sections, such as a foodie section, a part about high-tech travel gadgets, accommodation and destinations details. The writers of this blog share their first-hand experiences and present it in an attractive way.

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Travels of Adam

Adam is a former book designer from Boston that has decided to devout his life to meeting new people and traveling after a fate-changing flight to Iceland. He has great tips on how to follow his path and live an exciting and colorful life. Furthermore, Adam’s blog features excellent reviews and experiences from places all over the world.

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Travel with Bender

Erin and Josh, along with their kids Mia and Caius, are the Benders, a full-time traveling family. Originally from Perth, Australia, they decided to dedicate their lives to the road. So, they set up a blog and now they work from their laptops. The website offers tons of great info on everything from family travel to travel gear, and much more!

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True Nomads

Justin Carmack is a man on a mission – he wants to scuba dive in the Top 100 dive sites in the world, and this feat requires quite a bit of travel. Four years, and 71 countries later, he is still going strong and his website is getting bigger. Check out his stories!

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Twenty-Something Travel

Stephanie Yoder is the brains behind Twenty-Something Travel. Even though she has a permanent home in Seattle right now, she is still tirelessly roaming the world. This website is her main source of income, and she selflessly shares tips on how you can live like this too. There is a lot of great travel advice, stories and other info on the blog as well.

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Two Monkeys Travel Group

Two Monkeys Travel Group is a blog started by Jonathan Howe and Kach Medina Umandap, a UK-Philippino couple, and nomads since 2013. As they say, their travel style is a mix of adventure and luxury. Their website is packed with info on how you can travel this way too.

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Uncornered Market

Audrey and Daniel are an always smiling married couple that has literally been around the world and has visited over 90 countries. Boldly swapping their everyday jobs for a life on the road, they are now rich with stories and experiences which they gladly share with anyone willing to have fun reading their blog.

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Velvet Escape

Keith Jenkins is a former investment banker and present day writer, blogger, and traveler based in Amsterdam. The 2008 economic recession ended his career, so he decided to start a new one using the internet. He mainly writes about luxury travel, as well as other stuff that catches his attention. This website is worth giving a look!

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Alex Berger is a 31-year-old American expat living in Copenhagen, Denmark. From there he plans and embarks on his trips. From 1995 to the present day, he visited 41 countries and still doesn’t feel like stopping. His blog contains stories and photos of his travels, as well as some business/advertising offers and advice.

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Sandy and Vyjay are a travel blogger couple who are all about exploring, and giving us a glimpse of their lifestyle. They’re also big promoters of sustainable tourism, helping to preserve our wonderful planet. Their website offers information on everything from family travel to outdoor adventures to accommodation details. Make sure to give it a look!

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Wandering Earl

Derek (middle name Earl) is the founder of Wandering Earl blog. His story began in 1999 when he went on a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia and liked it so much that he became a full-time nomad. He has a lot of experience that he wants to share proving that travel can be an affordable and realistic option for everyone.

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Wandering Trader

Marcello Arrambide is a blogger, traveler, trader, and man with incredible persistence. Exposed to work from a young age, he was always driven by the idea of living his dreams. After many years of struggle he reached his financial freedom, and on his blog, he shares the info on how you can do it too. There is also a lot of great travel stuff on the site.

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Wander the Map

Jenna and Micah are photographers, filmmakers, and adventurers who love to capture stories from all over the world. Urban or outdoors, they bring us their experiences through a camera lens , showing different places, cultures and people. You can find a lot of brilliant photos, videos and articles on their blog.

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Where’s Sharon?

An adorable family travel blog, Where’s Sharon, proves that there are no limitations to family fun. Sharon, traveling with her husband Josh and three kids can show you just how possible it is to explore the world with your entire family. With valuable tips, hundreds of photos and articles, this blog gives you a clear message – if they can do it, so can you.

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top travel blogs - Wild Junket Nellie is a Singaporean-born traveler who blogs about off the beaten path travel, outdoor adventures and unusual destinations (think places like North Korea, Palestine and Iran). She’s been to 111 countries on all seven continents, including Antarctica and Arctic, and is on a mission to travel to every country in the world. Her blog contains a bunch of cool, useful and inspiring tips, so make sure to check it out.

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Young Adventuress

Liz, a once daring 16-year-old set out to fill her cravings for wandering and finding new places and people to meet. 10 years later, Liz has a successful blog about her travel experiences and her journey is far from over. Join Liz on a world-exploring voyage with beautiful photography and resourceful living.

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travel blog - ytravel

Caz & Craig are a married couple from Australia who got bitten by the travel bug. They have visited over 50 countries both as a couple and parents. Their motto is to “help you find ways to unplug from the chaos, to reconnect to joy and what’s really important for you.” Their blog was awarded multiple times by many worldwide travel and media organizations, and visiting their blog will make you want to get out and travel the world.

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