Laganas: The party capital of Zante

A perfect place for an active holiday
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Located on the southern tip of the island, Laganas is the absolute epicenter of Zante. It is the most crowded spot on the island and the largest resort. It is famous for its turbulent nightlife. Most of the visitors are from the UK, aged 18-30, so this is predominantly a resort popular with younger people. It?s not uncommon for families to vacate here as well, since the resort is big, and there are a lot of hotels and taverns.

Laganas is the most developed resort. Here you can find a lot of restaurants, bars and night clubs. There are no water sports allowed on the beach because it is shallow, and a part of the beach is forbidden because of the Caretta Caretta turtles that lay eggs there. Their protection is a priority for the government of Zakynthos.

Luckily, there are free bus rides to other beaches where you can enjoy a variety of aquatic sports. Also, there are many boat trips which offer tours around various caves and beaches surrounding the island.


Biggest and busiest resort on the island

Laganas is perfect for people who enjoy spending their holidays in a more urban and hectic setting. There are many choices for those who enjoy shopping, eating out, or simply having a drink in a comfortable caf?.

If you’re the kind that likes to party, then look no further than Laganas. The large number and variety of clubs available here guarantee a great and unforgettable time. The crowd is young, so things tend to get wild.

This is a good spot for any gastro-tourist. Besides the usual Greek food, you can find many different cuisines from around the world. For example, you can enjoy Chinese, Italian, Indian and many other cuisines.

Laganas has a 9 km long sandy beach, lined with bars and restaurants. It is one of the busiest beaches on Zante, and during the season it gets pretty crowded. The sunbeds on the beach are free, but you are inclined to buy a drink if you wish to use them.

Similar to other places on Zante, Laganas is also the home and breeding ground for Caretta-Caretta turtles. While on the beach, visitors have a chance to see some of the turtle nests, especially in the eastern part.

Where to stay in Laganas?

Villas, Hotels, Rooms and other accomodation

When it comes to accommodation in Laganas, we assure you that there is something for everybody. From top notch luxurious hotels to private apartments and rooms, there is always an option for every price range. The main thing to take into consideration is the location.

Since Laganas is quite spread out, some remote apartments can be more than a mile away from the beach. So, if you don’t feel like walking too much, pay close attention to the location of the place you’re choosing. Also, if you prefer going to bed a bit earlier, you might want to stay away from the town center. The bars and night clubs running along the main street are open all night, so residing here wouldn’t be a good idea for light sleepers. Perhaps the best place to stay is the beach area.

Agrilla Hotel
Tzante Hotel
Dados Hotel
Zante Plaza Hotel And Apartments
Louis Zante Beach Hotel
Luxury Dream Villa

Laganas Beach

Long, beautiful and lively

Laganas boasts with the longest beach in the Mediterranean – around 9 kilometers in length! This silky, sandy heaven is the perfect place for vacationers of all ages. Warm and shallow, turquoise waters of the Ionian sea are ideal for families with children, since it is very safe. The beach is lined with canteens and bars, so you don’t have to go far when you feel like having a snack. Most bars offer free sun beds for visitors who would like a drink. Keep in mind that since Laganas is popular with the younger crowd, there is usually loud music playing all day.

There are no water sports available, since the beach is home to Caretta-Caretta turtles, and for their safety, these activities are restricted. Of course, you can rent pedalos, take a boat trip or just lie around in the sun while enjoying the view of Marathonissi island.



What to do in Laganas?

Besides the obvious, crazy nightlife and fun in the sun, Laganas offers many interesting activities to have a quality time. Boat rides are very popular. They will take you around sea caves of Zante, and also, turtle nests on the east side of the Laganas beach.

Cruisemar Cruises


Theodosis Cruises


If you would like to stick to land, there are plenty of options left. In the town you can race go-karts, play mini golf or go to an amusement park. You can go on a jeep safari, which will take you on an off-road ride through the island. Coach tours are also available.

Crazy Golf


Laganas Go Karts


Laganas is developed, which is a good thing if you are a fan of shopping. Unfortunately, there are no historical sites in this resort. However, there are a lot of ways to get to Zante town where you can visit many museums and churches.

Eating out in Laganas

Laganas is a hungry man’s paradise. You can find pretty much anything you want here. There are a lot of traditional, authentic Greek taverns which will probably be most appealing to gastro tourists. If you don’t feel like going Greek, you can try some of the Italian, Indian or Chinese foods, available here as well. As far as the party people are concerned, many fast food and snack bars stand at your service, 24 hours a day.

Shopping in Laganas

When it comes to shopping, Laganas offers a lot of options. The most popular with tourists are probably the souvenir shops, and there is no shortage of them. Of course, for your basic needs, there are some supermarkets and grocery shops where you can find many international products.

There is a good selection of local crafts, jewelry and designer clothes, for the more luxurious shopper.

Laganas Nightlife

If you’re a clubber on Zante, chances are that you will find your way to Laganas. There is literally something for everyone here. From disco tunes, to hip hop/R&B places and the latest summer hits. If you can think of it, you will probably find it.

For those who don’t dance, there is a good selection of pubs and bars, where you can relax, have a few drinks and enjoy some good vibes.

Some clubs and bars are open 24h a day, but the majority of them work until 4 am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we?ll present all the necessary info and most frequent questions that you might hive regarding the resort:

  • Where to rent cars and bikes?

    There are plenty of car and moto rentals in Laganas, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

    Moto rentals

    1.Alex Moto Rentals

    Telephone: (+30) 698 0975 327

    Mobile: (+30) 698 0200 904

    2.George and Nick Rentals

    Telephone: (+30) 26950 52611

    Mob: (+30) 693 2678 199

    Email: [email protected]

    3.Karlos Moto Rentals

    Mob: (+30) 698 5087705

    Email: [email protected]

    Car Rentals

    1.Autofox Rentals

    Telephone: (+30) 26950 53294

    Email: [email protected]


    2.Budget Rent A Car

    Telephone: (+30) 26950 51337

    Mob: (+30) 698 4364 052

    Email: [email protected]



    Telephone: (+30) 26950 52002

  • Home accessories, electrical supplies?

    The electrical plugins are European standardized, and you’ll need adapters for them.

    Depending on your accommodation, all of the appliances will be provided by the landlord.

  • What’s the weather like in Laganas?

    We did the whole page on this topic, explaining the weather on Zante in detail.

  • All Inclusive Holidays in Laganas?

    Many hotels offer all inclusive service (Louis Zante Beach, Pallas, Best Western Zante Park; to name a few). If you’re not interested in leaving your hotel too much, this might be a good option for you. However, similar to other Zante resorts, Laganas has an array of fantastic restaurants. It would be a pity not to experience the amazing food they offer. Our sincere advice would be to think carefully before booking all inclusive.

  • Pharmacy in Laganas?

    In case of an emergency, you can find several pharmacies throughout the town.

    Korfiati Styliani Pharmacy is located on the Zakynthos-Keriou road, on the north end of Laganas.

    You can also find Farmakio (Pharmacy) on the main strip.

  • Approximate budget for a holiday?

    For a week long holiday, we suggest around 700€. Drinks in bars and clubs range from 2 € – 7 €, and meals start from 2 €, depending on where/what you eat. You can rent quads starting from 20 €, and mopeds for around 15€/day.

  • When to come to Laganas?

    Laganas is starting to get crowded from mid-June and stays like that until the end of August. If you’d like to avoid crowds, it would be smart to go in periods other than mentioned. If you’re up for some serious partying and great nightlife, mid-July to mid-August is perfect.