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Argassi: The Resort That Has It All

Meet Argassi ? The place where you?ll have an amazing holiday!

Argassi is a beach resort located on the east coast of the island, just four kilometers from the capital city of the isle of Zakynthos and only six kilometers from the airport.

Being a well-composed combination of what Zakynthos resorts have to offer, Argassi is a resort for all tourists regardless of their age. On one hand, it offers a wide selection of bars, restaurants and shops and on the other hand, Argassi kept the peaceful serenity that is distinctive for Greek villages. We highly recommended it for families and teenagers.

Argassi is a charming seaside village located between Zante Town and the Vassilikos Peninsula. The village is surrounded by beautiful pine tree scenery along with beautiful flowers that fill the plain beneath the towering Mount Skopos.

The village center is built around the main road that runs across Argassi making everything this great resort has to offer easy to find. For those looking for tranquility, the outskirts of Argassi have retained their peaceful ways and are great for the nature-lovers.

Experience the nightlife

Something for those who like to party on their holiday. During the nights, the center of Argassi lights up, and many young people swarm the dance floors.

A wide variety of bars & restaurants

Placed conveniently on each side of the main road, many bars and restaurants in Argassi have something to offer for everyone.

Vicinity of the finest beaches on Zakynthos

Simply head in the opposite direction from Zante and you will be able to find the best beaches on the island such as Banana, Gerakas, and Dafni.

Excellent Watersports

Paragliding & Jetskis – Adrenaline junkies and sports enthusiasts alike will find their spot in these fun games.

Very close to Zante Town

You might consider taking a walk to Zante town as it is very enjoyable. Stretching along a coastal road, you can appreciate the splendid views of the sparkling blue water.

Where to stay in Argassi?

Villas, Hotels, Rooms and other accomodation

If you liked Argassi so far, you must be wondering about what kind of accommodation is available. Luckily, Argassi is an extremely energetic tourist resort and very significant meaning it is crowded during the busiest summer months which are July and August.

Various hotels, studios and rooms are given as an option for accommodation in the Argassi resort and the area surrounding it. Whatever you choose, remember that they are welcoming guests from May to October.

There are many different forms of accommodation depending on the guest’s wishes and desires. Whether you like a family run businesses that offer a feel-at-home atmosphere or those who are well organized with a large number of facilities you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Take a look at the list we made for you for further information:

Admiral Hotel

Diana Palace

Windmil Hotel

Captain’s Hotel

Dora’s Studios

Athina Studios / Apartments

Mirabelle Hotel

Edelweiss Apartments

Villa Georgia

Argassi Beaches

Where you?ll enjoy in the beautiful sea and weather of Argassi

The Argassi beach is long, and it covers the whole length of the resort. Although it is a somewhat narrow beach, it offers plenty space for all who come to relax and enjoy without the feeling of it being jam-packed. The beach offers areas of both sand and gravel, leaving the choice on the beach-goers.

The beach itself is a narrow strip stretching over 1km along the coast with many of the hotels and other accommodation built conveniently near the beach. It is located on the south – east part of the island and offers many coves, rock-made pools and other ugh areas ideal for explorers. You can rent sunbeds and parasols on the broader parts of the sandy beach while children can splash around safely in the shallow water.

What to see in Argassi?

While enjoying your holiday in Argassi plan your time so you can visit the local sights that will give you a satisfying and informative experience.

Church of the Virgin Mary

The most famous Argassi sight that you just have to visit is the Church of the Virgin Mary of Skopiotissa that was constructed in 1624 on the highest point of Mount Skopos.


It was built in a way that resembles a cross on the site that was once a temple of the Greek goddess Artemis; you can still see the ruins of the ancient monastery.

Monastery Skopitiossa Zante

You can spend a night here, for free.

Inside the church, there are exceptional wall paintings of saints and a beautiful icon of the Virgin Skopiotissa. The Iconostasis (the screen behind the altar that is usually painted with icons inside Orthodox churches) is quite different as it was built from stone and not wood differing from all the other churches on Zakynthos.

Kamara at Vrysakia

This brilliant bridge is 15 meters tall and has a chain of arcades and is holding the pipes that used to bring water to Argassi. It was built during the period of British rule and was an important part of the irrigation plan of the English control. Legend says it that Theodoros Kolokotronis (leader of the Greek war for independence), who was living on Zakynthos 15 years earlier the 1821 war of independence, adored this site and used to ride his horse over the bridge.

The Old Argassi Bridge

Old Bridge in Argassi
The ruins old bridge in the sea can be seen about 10 meters away from the coast, and it’s a landmark of Argassi. Located in the mid-north part of the beach, in front of the fresh-built studios, the bridge is a sightseeing location that many tourists visit.

The ruins old bridge in the sea can be seen about 10 meters away from the coast, and it’s a landmark of Argassi. Located in the mid-north part of the beach, in front of the fresh-built studios, the bridge is a sightseeing location that many tourists visit.

It is forbidden to touch or climb on the bridge – it is an interesting piece of architecture from past times, and a piece of cultural heritage of Zakynthos.

What To Do in Argassi

Argassi combines two different lifestyle options when it comes to leisure time. Because the resort is family oriented, you won’t see much of wild scenes that might occur at other places where loads of youngsters party until the morning.
The beach offers a magnificent view, warm and pleasant sea, as well as shallow coastline, so you won’t have to worry about your toddler. The resort offers several quality restaurants and bars for hanging out, and you can find a place for yourself regardless what you’re after, a party atmosphere or some quality time aside the noise.

The resort is one of the closest to the main town, and you can arrive there in 30-minute walk alongside the beautiful seaside. The magnificent Mount Skopos provides shelter for Argassi, as well as mountain-related activities for the interested travelers. The beach of Argassi offers some good watersport activities to keep you entertained when you want to get out of the sunbed.

Activities you can have in Argassi are definitely family-oriented. From a theme park, small entertainment hubs, mini-golf facilities, and an animal farm, there is something for everyone.

Eating Out in Argassi

It doesn’t matter whether you are a bold adventurer happy to try out something new like meals made in a traditional Greek kitchen or you are someone keen on your already tried out favorite meals. The restaurant business in Argassi will keep you satisfied regardless of your desires.

Restaurants offer superbly prepared traditional Greek food as well as International cuisine. Don’t keep your appetite waiting, dig in into any of the fantastically made dishes and let your senses be overflown with tastes and scents of the Mediterranean.

We have put together a list to provide with your new favorite dining place in Argassi.

Restaurant in Argassi, Granada Taverna

Located along the main strip, this is a restaurant run by a friendly Greek family serving traditional local cuisine. Here’s one of the many satisfied reviews:

This is a wonderful, family run restaurant of the highest quality and is my choice of where to eat during my entire stay in Argassi. On offer is a large, varied menu with ample to choice to meet all tastes. The Greek food on offer is the best by far.

Athina Restaurant in Argassi

Set near the beach with a small view of the sea, this restaurant has the perfect scenery and serves traditional Greek and fresh fish dishes. Here’s a recent review of the satisfied customer:

Excellent authentic Greek food every time we went, staff and the owner very friendly, nothing is too much trouble for them. We got a great welcome as returning for a second visit to Argassi this year. Superb !!!!

TripAdvisor Review Page

Piccadilly Restaurant in Argassi

Piccadilly Restaurant is a restaurant that is offering a Greek and a European menu with special and unique dishes. Their country lamb is a must-try! Here’s a recent review about it:

Ate here a couple of times as the food we received was excellent and they do a nice line in beer from Corfu, All our food was cooked really well which is why we went back, Service was efficient but they are not the most exuberant group of waiters you will meet, not rude in any way just a bit flat, like Jack Dee but with no sense of humour at all, I kinda liked it.

Pepermint Kitchen Argassi

A family-friendly restaurant with the menu consisting of traditional meals along with seafood plates, Italian food, and meals for vegetarians. The latest review:

Hands down the best food in all Argassi. We have nothing bad to say about Peppermint. The food was delicious, the staff very friendly and the prices were good.

TripAdvisor review page

Peppermint Fresh Kitchen Facebook Page

Restaurant in Argassi Erato Grill

Erato Restaurant is another family restaurant with traditional Greek food offering a home-like ambient. Here’s the latest feedback from guests:

Visited this restaurant a few times for dinner during our 2 week stay. I can’t fault the food, great choice on the menu and good prices too! Staff were very friendly and would say hello/have a chat to us if we walked past the restaurant. Food was lovely.

Erato Restaurant on TripAdvisor

Erato Restaurant Website

Taverna in Argassi, Star

The menu in this comfortable taverna consists of Pasta Fresca, fresh fish, seafood, season salads, pizza, steak and fries along with sweets and desserts to fulfill your meal. Here’s what the visitors have to say about Star Taverna:

We recently ate at Stars restaurant and it was your typical ‘something for all’ greek restaurant – with pastas, pizzas, steaks etc etc.

Our meal was good, service was good and a free fruity shot of something when leaving.

Worth a meal here. Nothing that would make us rave about it and visit more than once on our holiday though, but as a quick, cheap place it’s worth heading in and grabbing a bite to eat!

Stars Taverna at TripAdvisor

Stars Taverna at Facebook

Nightlife in Argassi

Argassi is packed with a broad selection of bars, clubs and other joints for all music tastes.

Karaoke bars are a thing here. Let yourself go, embrace it and who knows maybe you have a beautiful voice that has just not yet been discovered.
Live music is very popular; you will experience a part of the genuine Zakynthos spirit when you go out partying with the Greeks.

English style pubs are our honorable mention; they are playing the latest dance hits letting you show your skills on the dance floor. Whatever it is you pick an unforgettable night is something you must expect.

Here are some of the clubs and bars in Argassi:

Here’s the most useful info, where you’ll find answers to the question related to Argassi. If you find something we didn’t cover, make sure to let us know.

Argassi Useful Information

You must know that with rented vehicle, you’ll explore and experience the real Zakynthos. Even though Argassi isn’t quite big, you’ll spend days exploring it, and renting a car or a motorcycle can be really helpful and convenient.

Here are some rental companies that you might consider visiting:

PDQ Flocas Rent a Car
Faros Car & Bike Rentals

Guys from these companies will help you sort everything out (don’t forget the insurance), and you will have a reliable and quality vehicles to chose from. Only thing left to do – get a map and explore the island of Zakynthos!

While exploring Zakynthos and its beauty, staying safe and healthy can sometimes be secondary concern for you. But it’s smart to have yourself covered, and have the info that might save you from trouble when you get hurt or have some problems with your stomach. The allergies, food or alcohol poisoning, and accidents are the most common issues that medical staff deals with on Zante.

Zante Med Care is the facility that covers the entire island with small instances where several doctors and some medical staff helps patients, and they usually work 24/7. You’ll find them in every resort, and Argassi is among them too. There are some more healthcare companies offering services, alongside multiple pharmacy drugstores. If you have your international health insurance, you can get drugs for free on prescription, and if not, you can buy drugs for reasonable prices in all pharmacies with big green cross symbols in front. They are usually neon signs, like everywhere in the world.

We talked about taxi transfers throughout the island here, and you should definitely follow the advice. Always ask the driver for the price in front.

There are several taxi companies operating on the whole island, which will provide transportation services for you.

The electrical plugins are european standardized, and you’ll need adapters for them.

Depending of your accommodation, all of the appliances will be provided by landlord.

Many hotels offer this option for their guests, and the quality has risen in the last few seasons. Still, our opinion is: not quite there.

You wouldn’t want to stay in your hotel and surrounding areas for the whole holiday, especially with so many attracting restaurants and tavernas, clubs and bars around.

Next, the quality of all-inclusive service in Zakynthos can have some improvements. Especially if you’re used to quality all-inclusive service.

For an exclusive holiday, you can have a €100 daily budget for married couple. This amount will cover expenses of eating out, tours and excursions. Still, your expenses depend on your lifestyle, and your preferences. If you like to enjoy a plethora of services and commodities, be ready to pay for them. If you aren’t going to have many drinks every night, the budget of €100 can cover pretty much very comfortable holidays. Usual prices of street food go from €2 and onwards, and drinks start from 50 cents and upwards.

Remember that British Pound is stronger than Euro, so it would be a good idea to exchange money when you arrive tot Zante. You can get decent rates at banks, and even better at small exchange offices. When you’re heading out home, make sure you change the Euros to your currency (if you aren’t from the European Union).

We did the whole Weather page for you.

Weather in Argassi is among the hottest in the island.

Argassi is one of the quiet resorts in Zakynthos, but it is popular and crowded during the peak season. For the calm and relaxed holidays, visiting Argassi in May and September is advised.

If you’re not bothered with more crowded surroundings, you can visit the resort any time during the season. Not many hotels and accommodations are open during offseason, but if you’re able to visit Argassi in this period, you’ll have the unique experience.

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We wish you great holidays in Argassi!

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