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Alykanas & Alykes: Feel the Traditional Greek Charm

Situated 18 km northeast of the town of Zante, on the quieter eastern side of the Zakynthos island, Alykanas and Alykes have retained their peaceful atmosphere while having?modern attractions in trusted and traditional ambiance. This area owes its name to the many salt pits (called ?Alykes? in Greek) that can be found here; all are used to supply salt to the entire island of Zakynthos.

The beaches, which are one of these resort?s main attractions, are among the best beaches on the island, peaceful in comparison to others on Zante. A holiday to Alykes and Alykanas is the perfect choice if you want a traditional Greek island getaway, with excellent, long and sandy beaches, yet peaceful with the volume knob turned down.

Alykanas & Alykes - map


Walking along the beach of Alykes, you will reach the resort of Alykanas, a small and traditional seaside village surrounded by farms and fertile fields with lush olive groves and vineyards. Some scientists believe that the ancient city of Arcadia was situated here due to the discovery of Mycenaean vessels excavated here making Alykanas a place of great archaeological interest. Also, it is great for bicycling, hiking and horse-riding.


When it comes to food in Alykanas and Alykes, here you can find nice restaurants, and traditional taverns and some of them will offer a live Greek music so maybe you’ll find yourself dancing to local rhythms while you wait for a meal.

Shopping and holiday amenities

Alykanas and Alykes offer almost everything for your shopping needs, clothes, jewelry, supermarkets, bakeries and much more for your convenience.

Alykanas & Alykes Beaches

The long beach of Alykanas and Alykes resort is a wide gulf consisted of sand and is certainly one of the most beautiful in Zakynthos. It is famous for its gorgeous sand and warm shallow waters making it especially safe for families with children. The beaches are also ideal for all sorts of watersports, as there aren’t any Caretta turtle nests allowing power-driven boats to go through this area.

Not only can you relax at your own pace, but you can also use them to try out paragliding or jet-skiing which are both offered conveniently at these locations. The other beaches found in the District of Alykes resort are not only long, sandy and shallow but truly scenic with beautiful surroundings and more importantly, not often crowded. Once you see the long and quiet stretches of Alykanas  and Alykes beaches, you will instantly love them.

Alykanas & Alykes - alykes beach

Alykes Beach

Located on the north-east coast of the Zakynthos island, the famous golden and sandy beach of Alykes has been given the blue flag for its cleanliness. With shallow waters surrounding the coastline, it is ideal for families with small children as they can safely swim through fair distance in the warm and clear waters. Also, a wide range of excursions and watersports are available at this location.

Alykanas Beach

The Alykanas beach is located on the north-eastern shores of Zakynthos. Its gently curved cove looks out over crystal clear waters to the dramatic coastline of Kefalonia. This sandy beach is an extension of Alykes beach which has the same soft sand and pure waters offering safe swimming particularly suited for families with children.

As for the watersports, they are now relocated from Alykes to Alykanas providing a whole range of watersports to keep the visitors occupied, such as pedaloes, banana boats, paragliders and much more.

Alykanas & Alykes - beaches

Amoudi Beach

Also situated on the north-eastern shores of the island, Amoudi beach is one of Zakynthos’s best kept secrets. Amoudi’s traditional character and typical Greek charm with beautiful white buildings and very friendly atmosphere makes this resort an ideal retreat for families or couples in search of real insight into the local way of life.

The beach itself is sandy being a continuation of Alykes and Alykanas beach, with its sense of serenity and crystal clear waters excellent for a refreshing swim, ideal for a relaxing day as it is not crowded as some of the other beaches in the area.

Xechoriatis Beach

In the area known as the Old Alykanas lies a long narrow strip of isolated beach, rocky at one end and sandy on the other as it curves by the coastline. It does not have sunbeds or watersports organized; two snack bars by the beach is the only service you may get here. The best thing about this beach is that it is very quiet and it has stunning views over the Ionian Sea towards Kefalonia. If you imagine yourself meditating by the quiet beach, this is the place.

Where to stay in Alykanas & Alykes

There are two types of accommodation in Alykanas – Alykes: studios and hotels. The choice depends on your needs and budget. If you want to have the comfort of your home, to prepare meals on your own or just to avoid certain formalities (leaving a key on the reception desk, breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a certain time) the best choice for you are the studios.

On the other hand, if you are tired of daily duties and don’t want to think about anything else but how to please yourself while you’re on holiday, choose a hotel. There are both, studios and hotels, affordable for everyone – for the one with smaller and bigger budget. The price depends on the quality of the service and distance of the beach and town center.

Alykanas Village Hotel

Located by the beach, Alykanas Village Hotel has two swimming pools. Rooms are clean and spacious, and the staff is helpful and kind. With Kids Club and children?s pool with slides, this hotel is perfect for families with children.

Valais Hotel

The hotel is located only a few minutes from the Alykanas center and has direct access to the beach where hotel staff can serve you food and drinks.

Ionian Star Hotel

Ionian Star Hotel is located by the beach of Alykes, so it is a good choice for families with children. It has its own pool. Every room has a telephone, private balcony and air conditioner.

Sea View Hotel

This hotel is found at a location 10-minute walk away from the town, and the Alykes beach is only a few minutes far. It has beautiful sea view, pool, and bar. Rooms are airy and large.

Zante Flower Studios

This guest house is located in the center of Alykanas, just off the Main Street and only 250 meters from the beach. It is close to restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. Rooms are clean, bright and airy. Service is excellent, and the staff is friendly.

Akis Studios

Akis Studios is complex consisting of 5 buildings with 25 studio rooms. It is located 200 meters from Alykes town center and 10 minutes walk from the beach. It has its own pool and bar. What makes it different from other studios is beautiful mountain view.

Panos Studios

Located behind the salt lake, 20 minutes walk from the center of Alykes. Apartments are modern, and staff is great. It has food bar and pool area.

Antonio Studios

Located 3 minutes from Alykanas town center and 10 minutes from Alykanas beach. It is surrounded by a garden. Nearly 20 meters from Antonio Studios is a playground for children and swimming pool which guests can use.

Danny’s & Kali Pigi Hotel

The hotel consists of three buildings surrounded by a garden. It is isolated from noise but close to the center of Alykanas. The pool is small but with plenty of sun beds around it. Rooms are clean and comfortable.

Alykanas & Alykes Activities

Alykanas & Alykes have kept their traditional charm full of vineyards and olive groves. This area is perfect for outdoor activities like cycling, horse riding, and hiking. There are many seaside restaurants and bars where you can have a dinner or cocktail and enjoy a beautiful view. Discotheques and karaoke bars offer fun nights for young people and the ones that feel young. If you are coming with children, you don’t need to worry. These resorts with many playgrounds are safe and perfect for small children.

Watersports in Alykes

There are many beach watersports at Alykes bay with a wide range of activities such as water skiing, banana rides, ringo rides, sofa and paragliding. With these activities you will certainly have a great holiday experience to remember.

Pentokamaro Old bridge

This Old Bridge is located in Alykes over the Skourtis River. It is built during the English occupation of Zante in 15th Century. The exact year of built isn’t known. It is called ’Pentokamaro’ because it has five arches and the Greek word for five is ’Pente.’

Salt Flats

Salt Flats are located in Alykes. They are made after the Second World War because the Greek government was searching for the best place to produce the salt. The Alykes ground was suitable because it was rich in salt. The company was closed in the 1970s because it didn’t make a profit. This location has beautiful path ideal for walks.

Mini – golf

If you are golf lover, you can visit mini – golf center in Alykes. The nature around the course is beautiful, and there you will spend few enjoyable hours.

St. John’s The Baptist Monastery

This monastery was used as a rest area for pilgrims, and it was built in the 16th century. It is located on the mountain north of Alykes, near the village of Katastari. Monastery consists of a tower that was used as a defense, abbey, and two floors building. If you decide to visit it, you will see icons painted by Bafas and Poulakis, famous painters and valuable wood faldstools. Also, it has a beautiful view of Kefalonia and Peloponnese.

Vertzagio Agricultural Musem

Interesting place to visit is Vertzagio Agricultural Musem in Pigadiakia village. Founded by Spyros Vertzagias the musem which is restructured as a traditional house offer you old flour mill, everyday working  tools, an old olive-oil press, as well as the grape mill for discovering the local Greek life. The train shuttles from Alykanas on a daily basis.

Eating out in Alykanas & Alykes

In Alykanas and Alykes there is a wide variety of culinary delights with many family-run traditional fish taverns and ones serving different types of cuisine from Greek and Italian to Chinese, Indian and Mexican food. Of course, you can?t miss grill houses offering the traditional meals such as pitta and souvlaki, which are the essentials of Greek food. Also, most restaurants offer a broad menu with Zakynthian dishes and a mix of international cuisine including British, American, Italian, etc. and even fast food can be found, all this making Zante a heaven of delicious food.

In addition, many other cafes can be found where you can enjoy other Greek pastries, cheese pies or a freshly cooked tasty crepe. Bearing in mind some of the criteria regarding the surrounding space, the atmosphere, the quality, the reception and overall satisfaction and pricing, here are some of the trusted places you should visit in this area.

Located in Alykanas, Alkionis Reastaurant is a place where Greek tradition meets culture in a family environment, combined with a lot of fun, especially with a pleasant and tasty dishes.

Here you can enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold appetizers, grilled meat, fresh fish and other seafood, also delicious homemade sweets and spices based on many years of experience combined with passion.

The Neraida Restaurant, Alykanas will offer you authentic Greek cuisine with fresh vegetables from their own garden and seafood brought to your table from the waters of the Singitikos bay.

They have many traditional Greek dishes that you can pick from their famous specialties like moussaka, pastitsio, stuffed potatoes and eggplant, chicken grilled on charcoal, goat, and lamb or you could simply order a gyros to go.

If your wish is to experience the real Greek atmosphere in a beach tavern, this is a place for you.

If you are to visit Alykanas resort, one of the restaurants you should definitely pay attention is the Elia Restaurant.

It has a very friendly atmosphere offering you a traditional Greek cuisine with special dishes like lamb kleftiko, beef stifado, moussaka and swordfish for the people who likes fish.

Here you can find friendly and always welcoming staff with perfect service and fast waiters and certainly and more importantly good food.

Amboula Restaurant is situated in front of the sea in Amboula beach, and it’s the perfect place both for lunch and dinner.

It also serves as a beach bar which tourists can use to relax on sunbeds and order drinks, ice creams or snacks directly on the beach. It is also well known for the fresh fish, bought every day from the local fishermen.

It is perfect for those in need of the relaxing day and romantic night.

Vrisaki Taverna is a traditional Greek tavern located in the Alykanas area and it offers the local Greek cuisine. However, on the menu, you can also find pizza, pasta and great deserts.

It has a nice atmosphere which will provide you with authentic experience, perfectly suited for groups, couples, and families with children.

This charming taverna stays loyal to the traditional Greek food. Desserts are “to die for”, the service is excellent and the staff is friendly. You can’t wish for more.

For your next stop for delicious meal consider Nostos taverna. You won’t regret it.

If you are looking for excellent food, elegant setting and reasonable prices, the Paradosiako restaurant is the right choice for you.

The restaurant serves a mix of Greek and international food. Their specialty are the local homemade dishes, but if you decide to choose something else from their menu you won’t regret it.

Friendly, welcome and very accommodating for families are the features that distinguish Paradosiako restaurant.

Located at the end of the Alykes beach, this restaurant will give you a chance to feel like locals do.  Home cooked fresh food is everything that you will need at the end of the day.

From the Mediterranian to local Greek food this restaurant has it all. It does not surprise that this restaurant is No.1 choice for many tourists.

If you happen to be at Alykes, don’t miss the delicious food, great service, and the amazing view Anatalikos restaurant has to offer.

Shopping in Alykanas & Alykes

In Alykanas and Alykes  you will find shops that will suit all your needs. When you visit a foreign country, it is custom to bring some souvenirs home, sometimes not only for yourself but also for your friends and family. In these resorts, you will find many souvenir shops. In many of these stores, you will find handmade products like sculptures, vases or paintings of the island. If you are more tradition type or just don’t want to bring heavy and bulky souvenirs back home, there is a variety of magnets for fridge or t-shirts with Greek motives. Also, in these shops, you can find traditional spices and sweets.

Supermarkets are same as in any other country. You will find in stores most international brands and for the ones you can’t find there are Greek brands.

Greek bakeries are unique. They sell typical Greek pastry, cakes, and pies. Don’t be surprised if the bread tastes a little bit sweet because that is traditional Greek recipe. They also make bread with almonds and candied fruit.

There are many shops in that sell leader goods. Also, there are many jewelers. Mostly, these shops are located in town centers.

Alykanas & Alykes Nightlife

Alykanes and Alykes nightlife offer something for all ages. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and taverns that offer you a variety of entertainment. If you are staying in a hotel, staff often organizes Greek night where you can enjoy in traditional meals, drinks, and music. You can try Metaxa – traditional alcohol drink or learn to dance the sirtaki. There are many karaoke bars where you can show your talent or just enjoy listening to another brave tourist. For those who love loud places and don’t need a lot of sleep, some bars are open all night.

Zeus Bar, Alykanas

Zeus Bar is located on main street in Alykanas. They serve fantastic cocktails and have pleasant staff. The atmosphere is wonderful so as music. Be sure to check it out.

The Mill Bar, Alykanas

This bar is perfect for couples because of its romantic atmosphere and breathtaking view. It is hidden among palm trees and makes it ideal for romantic dinners or even weddings.

Mojo Cocktail Bar, Alykanas

Fantastic hospitality and atmosphere. It is suitable for all ages. The staff is friendly and cocktails are great.

Sakisfaction Bar, Alykanas

It is local rooftop bar with Indian and Chinese food. If you want to feel a dash of the Orient, this is a place to visit.

Cheers Bar, Alykes

This bar is run by a Welsh couple, so it isn?t traditional Greek bar. With great cocktails and superb food, it is a good place for a night out.

Sea Breeze Roof Bar, Alykes

Very stylish bar with a view of the main street. In this bar, you can find quality beers and wines, great choice of cocktails and reasonable prices. The staff is kind and friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wherever you go, the children will receive special attention. Most restaurants and bars have children’s playgrounds and areas. In the Alykes resort, there is a new public children’s park which is free and safe to use. It is open all day, and it has plenty stuff to keep the kids occupied with slides, swings, climbing frames, etc. Its location is at the salt flats on the main Alykes road just before Astoria Hotel. Also, there is the beach which is sandy and has shallow and warm waters ideal for kids.


The Kefalonia island can be visited by taking an organized tour excursion which includes a coach trip to the island and can be booked via the many tour offices in Alykes & Alykanas or Zakynthos Town. Of course, you can do it yourself by taking a taxi or driving to the port of St Nikolas in Skinari. It is located on the north coast 20 minutes from Alykes and then taking a boat which departs daily during the summer season.

With the internet expansion, people are increasingly tending to travel independently, and this is one of the most popular ways of visiting Alykanas and Alykes with the surrounding areas. Browse the web to see the many varied accommodations that are offered all of which are available to book directly. It is suggested to secure your flight first since it is always possible to find accommodation even in the peak of the current season. Check out our Zante Accommodation page for further info.

The answer is yes! In Alykes there is an Alpha Bank ATM which is located outside Montes Supermarket on the main street. In Alykanas there are two ATMs, one located outside Letsos Supermarket and the other outside Arkadinos Supermarket at the Alykanas crossroads. All ATM’s accept ALL credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express, Diners, Debit Cards, Switch Cards, Solo cards, Maestro & Cirrus).

As a general rule, you’ll need to be at least 20 years old with a FULL driving license and will need both parts the photo card and green slip, but this varies from company to company.

It is worth knowing that baby milk can only be bought in pharmacies in Greece and not in supermarkets. Nappies are available in all supermarkets, but baby food is limited to nestle jars or tins of powdered foods in sweet flavors only.

Yes, there is a pharmacy on the main road, close to Letsos Supermarket in Alykanas. There is also a pharmacy in Katastari just 10-minutes walk from Alykes and is now open seven days a week.

Yes. There are private doctor’s infirmaries in both Alykanas and Alykes, but you should be aware that you will have to pay for any treatment and then eventually claim it back on your holiday insurance. There is also a public health center which is free of charge in the Kallithea village, which is about 5 km away and has an A&E room and is fully equipped and staffed 24 hours a day.

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